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Fintech, Agritech, Atsiri, Agriculture.

Contribution is a joint-based investment platform for the development of the agricultural industry (agro-industry) with a profit sharing scheme, so that anyone can also have a profitable business and have an impact on many people.

Founder: Aditya Cahyo Utomo, Marsa Agung Santoso, Wimba Prasiddha, Malik Abdul Azis.

Culture, Tourism, Heritage Sector.

I-Tallenta is a booking platform for traditional Indonesian traditional arts services that provides a variety of choices in the field of Indonesian traditional cultural arts such as traditional dance, contemporary and creative, traditional music and theater. I-Tallenta has a vision and mission that is as a liaison between the owner of Indonesian artistic talent with a third party (customer) who requires the services of traditional Indonesian arts.

Founder: Anissa Swastika.,SE.,ACPA, Aris Fathur Rahman.,ST, Gontang Ragil Prakasa.,ST, Raditya Cahyo Adhi.

Tourism, Heritage, Culture, SMEs.

Startups that focus on edu tourism which provides education through tourism and local products.

Founder: Kennedi Rahmat Hidayah , Siti Jayimah , Prima Widya.


Website yang menyediakan layanan inspeksi mobil bekas dengan harga yang fleksibel, layanan pendampingan pembelian mobil bekas, dan memberikan estimasi biaya/ resiko yang harus dikeluarkan dari pembelian suatu mobil bekas.

Founder: Ide Yunianto, Winarto Saputro, Singgih Gunawan Setyadi, R. Endra Kurniawan.

Wujudkan Indonesia
Sustainble Technology, Eco-Friendly Products and Services.

Startup teknologi berkelanjutan yang berfokus pada adaptasi dan mitigasi perubahan iklim. Teknologi kami saat ini memungkinkan orang untuk mengoptimalkan pengelolaan air mereka agar memiliki persediaan air minum yang berkelanjutan..

Founder: Calvin Perdana Harianto Putra, Dimas Dwi Andini Friesari, S.T., Dwitya Kurnia Widi Hastawa, S.T.

Teman Wisata
Tourism, Artificial Intelligence.

Friends of Tourism hopes to connect travelers with local residents using the mix and match algorithm in accordance with the similarities of interests and / or hobbies in order to become travel companions. In the future Friends Travel wants to develop a virtual tour guide system based on Artificial Intelligence.

Founder: Nanda Nugraha, Dwitya Kurnia, Burhanuddin Yusuf, Ni’mah Mahnunah, Riska Dedy Sutomo, M.Pd, Purwantara.

Internet of Things (IoT), Blockchain.

Digital signature encryption platform (in the form of protocol and application) that can be used for two types of physical and digital documents and can store signature history on the blockchain.

Founder: Aslan Alwi, Kusmiarto.

Health Tech, Education.

Platform that provides online seminars and health education content with Professional Credit Units (SKP) for Indonesian health workers.

Founder: Yudha Eri Saputra, Inggih Wicaksono, Irvindio Patrianusa


A career learning digital preparation platform that is easily accessible, attractive and has an applicative follow-up service.

Founder: Septiadhi Wirawan, Maya Fitria Rindhany, Chairul Affan Adi Putra.

Fintech, Agritech, Livestock.

Perusahaan yang bergerak di bidang teknologi yang berfokus pengembangan peternakan dengan semangat kolaborasi​.

Founder: Ray Rezky Ananda, Shalahudin Al Ayyub, Hanifah Nisrina Cahyaningtyas, Luqman Attamimi.

Health Tech, Health Care.

Mobile application that connects patients with the same disease to help each other and share.

Founder: Fadli Wilihandarwo, Dimas Ragil Mumpuni, Haydar Ali Ismail

Internet of Things (IoT), IoT Hardware

Internet-based startup of Things (IoT) which designs integrated software solutions and IoT hardware for offices, hotels, etc. to be able to achieve a level of sustainable and efficient use of electrical energy.

Founder: Alfian Andi Nugroho, Farchan Hakim Raswa, Karna Siwantara Suara, Deva Agus Prakoso

Pinteer ID

Wesite which helps and facilitates and provides information that bridges vocational students in finding internships that are in accordance with their competencies so as to create synchronization and link and match between schools and industries.

Founder: Puguh Nara Wijaya,S.Kom, Wisnu Aji Citro S, S,Kom.

Indonesia Digital Museum
Culture, Technology, Augmented Reality.

Digital platform that aims to help museums, governments, cultural services, conservation centers to innovate and apply technology in museums by digitizing collections.

Founder: Yohanes Baptista BP, M.Sn, Agus Setiwan Fazry, M.Sn, Devi Aprillia, S.Si, Afusa Nidya Kinasih, S.Sn.

Marketplace/E-Commerce, Craft.

A special marketplace for pre-order & custom products, helping customers find the best vendors to make their products.

Founder: Ahmad Faris, Fajar Rahmadyanto, Arie Aditya Fahmi.

Tourism, Ticketing, Community.

A mobile application where climbers can find friends to do climbing together include: the same date, time and destination, spend money according to needs, have the same character, vision and love the outdoors.

Founder: Faizurrohmat, Abdul Aziz, Erfan Bagus S, Ach. Vani Ardiansyah, M. Fauzi Ihsan.

Agriculture, Crowdfunding.

TanaBiz works as a crowdfunding-based investment platform to help rice nursery farmers.

Founder: Eva Prabandari, Satriya Condro Priandoko.


Online consultation platform for college preparation with selected students from various campus majors throughout Indonesia which is equipped with coaching services, psychological tests, guidebooks, try outs, content and creative events so that high school students do not choose the wrong college majors

Founder: Feri Agung Hermawan.

Quran Review

Platform for learning Arabic and Al-Qur’an classes that are interesting and can be accessed anywhere.

Founder: Angga Ashari, Luthfan Ihtisyamuddin, Danang Pradana.


Hysale adalah platform yang menyediakan fitur tukar menukar (Barter) barang fashion branded yang dikemas dalam bentuk E-Commerce.

Founder: Arsyika Diyan Pratiwi.

Halal, Syariah Economy, Marketplace.

Halal Economic Platform (Integrated Halal Marketplace)

Founder: Lukas Dedy Setiyawan, Ari Bimoyono, Vivian Nanny Lia Dewi, Budiarti.

Healthcare, IoT.

Startups in the field of health help medical personnel to be able to serve the community more easily

Founder: Arsenius Kennard B, Danoe Dwi K, Jordan.


A website that provides education and extension services to increase productivity and bridge farmers and end buyers directly.

Founder: Dionisius Agung Setyanto, Hanang Prasetiyo.

Digital Marketing, Content Creator.

Digital agencies that focus on commercial products, help to upgrade a company for digital transformation.

Founder: Septiadhi Wirawan, Maya Fitria Rindhany, Chairul Affan Adi Putra.